How to Store Wine

Remember the enemies of wine:  Light / Heat / Fluctuations in temperature / Vibrations / Odors


Given the above, look for a space that is:Dark / Cool / Quiet / Far from paint cans and cleaning products.


If you don’t happen to have a cool cellar, even an inside closet will do.


Always store wine on its side, so that the cork stays in contact with the wine and does not dry out.

There are lots of inexpensive wine racks out there, perfect for the job. You can even make your own. One idea that I particularly like is the terra-cotta wine tile (, which helps cut down on the effects of vibrations and temperature changes:

If you can afford the investment, the ideal storage is a wine fridge, where temperature and humidity are controlled. I personally like the dual-temp fridge, which has 2 distinct zones, one for whites and one for reds. Another must-have feature: pull-out shelves (there’s nothing worse than not being able to read the labels easily). The best thing about a wine fridge (in addition to knowing that the wines are being properly stored) is that the wines are always at the perfect serving temperature.