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Three decades of expertise in the US wine market

One on One

Loubaton Imports LLC is a small wine importing firm, specializing in bringing quality family-run French domains (with great products and a wonderful story to tell) to top New York restaurateurs and retailers.

We are pleased to offer wines from small family-owned and -worked estates, made by people who are passionate about what they do and whose wines reflect their terroir ("the taste of a place").

Wine is an infinitely fascinating subject, but one that many people find intimidating. I have distilled what I think is the essential you need to know, the basics that will make you feel comfortable about buying, serving and enjoying wine.


Sunday, July 12, 2020 - meet the Champagne maker, online

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.03.48 AM.png

Since we can't get to Champagne this year, Champagne is coming to us!

Winemaker Élodie Marion Hulin of Champagne Marion-Bosser will be doing an online virtual tasting of two of her wines on Sunday, July 12th at 3 pm EDT. 

The mother-daughter duo of Bernadette and Elodie makes some of the best grower Champagne you’ll find, all Premier Cru; this free event will be an opportunity to hear from the charming and talented Elodie herself as she recounts the story of the winery - run exclusively by women for 5 generations - and its fabulous wines. 

We’ll be tasting two of them:
1.) Brut Tradition NV
2.) Brut Rosé NV


To reserve your spot, simply send an email now to

Below is a list of retailers on the East and West Coasts who might be able to ship to you in the event that you cannot purchase on-site:

The Wine House (Los Angeles)
The Wine Country (Long Beach)
Hi-Time (Costa Mesa)


New York:
Taste Wine Company (The Village)
Urban Uncorked (Downtown Brooklyn) — (718) 673-8880
Ambassador Wine & Spirits (Midtown East) — (212) 421-5078
Park Place Wine & Liquors (East Hampton)


For those of you in Pennsylvania, please contact Kevin Perez of Grapes to Glass regarding availability. 


Also, please feel free to join even if you don’t have the wines on hand; worst case, it’s an opportunity to learn from an accomplished winemaker and enjoy the company of fellow wine lovers while you sip on the beverage of your choice.
Hope to see you there!

Six Domaine Treloar Wines Given High Scores by
The Wine Advocate/Robert Parker!

In issue #263, Joe Czerwinski’s comprehensive review of the wines of the Roussillon singles out six wines from Domaine Treloar as being note-worthy. 

Three of those wines are currently in our portfolio:

  • Three Peaks (89)

  • Le Secret (92)

  • Tahi (92)

Bravo to Rachel and Jonathan! 
We always knew you made great wines, but it’s nice to see that one of the world’s best tasters agrees. 

Loubaton Imports LLC And Traditions & Innovations
to Join Forces In a Strategic Partnership

New York, NY - March 5, 2018—Alice Loubaton and Jean-François Ey, founders, respectively, of Loubaton
Imports LLC and Traditions & Innovations, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between their two
companies, to take effect April 1, 2018.

Alice—based in Brooklyn, and Jean-François —based in France, have known each other for many years: in their
previous professional experiences, Alice spent 33 years with Sopexa USA promoting French wines on behalf of
the different regional wine councils; Jean-François had various roles but was primarily in charge of developing the
sales of the French portfolio nationally at Palm Bay International. Says Loubaton, “this is a mutually beneficial
partnership resulting from a chance encounter on a train leaving Bordeaux after Vinexpo of last year.” Adds Ey, “by
joining forces, we are creating a national team with 33 years of marketing/PR experience, 18 years in French sales
development in the US and 11 years in running national logistics and administration; it is very promising for both

• Loubaton Imports, and its suppliers, will benefit from an established sales force in the NY/NJ
market and an aggressive strategy of sales development nationwide.

• Traditions & Innovations will benefit from Alice’s long marketing and communications
experience, including a large network of contacts, to shine a spotlight on the wines of the two

The development of each portfolio will remain independent, but the two companies will benefit from mutual
help and advice. The salesforce will present both portfolios equally, to offer customers the best possible selection.

To make it easier for the accounts, the Loubaton Imports portfolio (currently distributed by USA Wine Imports,
Inc.) will move, as of April 1st, to Fruit of the Vines, Inc., which currently houses the wines of Traditions &
Innovations. The portfolios themselves – which will remain separate – share the same philosophy in terms of
quality and the importance of personally knowing the people behind the wines.


The sales team already put in place by Jean-François Ey will be joined by Jeremy Loubaton, Alice’s son, and an
11-year veteran of the wine & spirits industry (USA Wine Imports, Frederick Wildman & Sons, Royal Wine
Corporation). The objectives are to continue developing distribution in NY and NJ by increasing the team to 6
people in order to cover all the main customers while leaving a lot of potential for each salesperson; and to develop
a network of distributor accounts in 20-odd states by the end of 2019.

Both portfolios are imported nationally and distributed in NY and NJ by Fruit of the Vines, Inc.

For more information/inquiries:

Loubaton Imports LLC
Alice Loubaton
917 861 9048

Our 2017 Awards

Gold Medal Award Winners

Congrats to our Château Maïme 2016 Côtes de Provence Rosé for winning a gold medal at the Fifty Best Rosés Wine Judging!

For more on our Château Maïme Read More

Read the Fifty Best review  Here


Breaking News!

The wines of Domaine Treloar (Roussillon) earn top scores (89-93) in the 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge! See our scores here, herehere, and here


Talking with Alice

Champagne Essentials

Cheese Week (Beg. 25:00)

Spotlight on one of our winemakers

Is champagne still champagne without the bubbles?

In a storied part of France, a group of artisan producers is making this beloved wine the old fashioned way — sans fizz.

Read more from Travel + Leisure  



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